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Journey to the Joy of Truth Book Now Available

Explore the 12 Pathways to Joy This is an excellent book to read for a book club! Discuss the 12 pathways to Joy as revealed through deeply personal and provocative stories centered on Surrender, Courage, Love, Faith, Forgiveness, Creativity, Collaboration, Vulnerability, Honesty, Compassion, Integrity and…
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Get Paid to Speak Free Training

#2019VisionAccomplished Its time to revamp, revitalize and reimagine your speaking platform as part of your business! In just a few weeks I'm hosting my annual FREE Get Paid to Speak Training to help you increase credibility, clients and cash flow. Thousands of people have participated…

How to Build a Boss Blog

Helpful Stuff for Entrepreneurs Show Episode 1 -- How to Build a Boss Blog    I If you'd like to get more valuable tips from Helpful Stuff for Entrepreneurs, please subscribe to my YouTube channel! ( #Thanks #UnapologeticallyDope