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Yes, you can learn to Speak and Serve with Confidence & Connect to your Audience with Authenticity!

Many speakers struggle with being able to fully connect to their audience and consistently express themselves with authenticity and meaning.

They desire less fear and  more freedom, less doubt and more faith and less confusion and more confidence when they stand in front of a group to deliver a presentation at work, at church or in front of hundreds at a conference.

Entrepreneurs recognize the value of using speaking as part of their business model but often lack the confidence and consistent techniques to incorporate it effectively. They understand what they should do, but don’t know the techniques to master the nuts and bolts of how. Instead of winging it why not rely on time tested techniques that will help any entrepreneur and speaker up-level their game.  

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Hit the ‘Click Here’ button for your FREE Speaker Training Tips from the hit TV Show Empire

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Clients learned to Master Speaking :

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Who is Denise?

Denise J. Hart, Thought Leader ‘rebel,’ and self-love maven, Denise J. Hart is madly in love with life and deeply committed to helping people transform their life and business through her message of truth, love and unlimited possibility. CEO of the Momentum Institute for Women, she’s known as America’s leading ambassador helping women master sales, create a world class brand and speak powerfully from any platform. A graduate of New York Time’s Best Selling author, Lisa Nichol’s Global Leadership program, Denise is honored to have been trained in Lisa’s unique methodologies and stepped into her mentors shoes as a “junior Lisa Nichols,” replicating Lisa’s message of hope and life changing strategies.   Denise unselfishly share’s her life experiences to point others towards their transformational truth. A sought after speaker herself, Denise is known for delivering her message with a dose of humor and kick in the pants honesty!

Yes, you can Speak, Serve and Sell from the stage with dignity, purpose and power!

Denise  has over 20 years experience as an actress, director and acting/public speaking trainer. She’s masterful at helping you take the courageous leaps that will help you move beyond the fear and /or the lack of technique that can hold your true abilities hostage.

She’s been seen by millions in her reoccurring role on HBO’s award winning drama series, The Wire and on stage. Denise has trained hundreds of performers and speakers to overcome fears and connect to their audience with authenticity and share what makes them Remarkable! 

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Hit the ‘Click Here’ button for your FREE Speaker Training Tips from the hit TV Show Empire

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