Let Go of the Lie of the Ego

releaseToday I am reminded to be careful of the lie of the Ego. I am not a self made woman.

I am one hour away from teaching my Accelerated CEO training helping entrepreneurs craft a winning revenue strategy around their signature product/service. We’ll cover the Trifecta of Revenue Generation and they will be ready to offer their product/service via any platform: in person 1-on-1, at a conference and or virtually from any platform.

I am humbled and delighted that so many people poured into me this year. Most of them are peopled I hired to do so. I made an investment in myself through investing in someone else’s expertise and thus their business. I am reminded to be careful of the lie of the ego because I could go into every one of my trainings and speaking opportunities thinking that its all me. I could forget that I am the sum total of all who have imparted their expertise to me. Some of it I WAS READY FOR and understood how to implement and some of it it I WAS NOT READY FOR and thus, I did not receive it or implement it. What I have come to understand as I’ve matured is that just because I was not ready to receive and implement my coach/trainers expertise is not their fault. Its not their problem. It was mine all along.

The old me would have played the blame game and said they were the problem. They didn’t really know what they were doing. They didn’t have IT after all. I’ll move to the next coach/trainer and they will have IT. I would have let the ego stop me from examining me and being real with me.

So, I decided to stop lying to myself and I no longer play that kind of game. I know that all things work together for good, that is, if I am intentional and honest about who I am, what I need and wether or not I’m really ready to grow.

I’m ready for my clients today. I am the conduit through which my gift flows. As I train and coach today I will be mindful that I am the sum total of all who have poured into me. Throughout this year I have spent many reflective hours going back over the trainings I have received and had new revelations and connections because the truth of the matter is, I am a life long learner open to the continuous process of my growth becoming ever deeper as I let go of the lie of the ego. 
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