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Learn the Systems you Need to Build A Rock Solid Business Foundation 

Maybe, you have a great  business idea, or you’ve started speaking and now you want to earn a living, or  you’ve got your coaching certification, or published your book and you’re eager to serve others, but there’s one problem…

The Problem…

You’ve tried to get your  business moving but you realize you’re working hard instead of smart.  You’ve become intimidated by the fast changing marketplace online and offline and just what does “know, like and  trust” have to do with anything?

If you’re telling people  that your target market is everyone, I’m sorry, but that’s not going to cut  it.  In today’s niche market environment you need to be laser focused on your niche so you don’t waste time and even  worse, waste money.

The Solution…

The solution  is to learn the information and the systems that will give you the knowledge and confidence to take your dream and make it a reality.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” – Chinese Proverb

If you work exceptionally  hard, it could take you at least 6 months to try to build your business  using free information from Google.  You’d have find and read up on all the topics you hear are important to building a business and then try to learn what you need to learn to build a really  successful business online or offline.

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All  Successful entrepreneurs Know:   

1) The definition of success is when preparation meets opportunity. (Get Prepared!)

There’s no need to struggle to learn the systems you need to have in place to give your business the online or offline presence it deserves!  You  can learn these systems now.

2) Taking Action Is the path to True Personal and Business Development

In order to get where you want to be – running your business instead of dreaming  about serving your clients – you need to take action to learn the foundation systems  and best practices to attract and serve clients and keep your current ones.

To Get Started as a Successful Entrepreneur you’re going to need to:

1) Embrace the Entrepreneur Mindset

2) Discover your Why & Create a business plan

3) Branding & Marketing – Online & Offline strategies

4) Creating Multiple Revenue Streams

5) Define your Niche & your Elevator Pitch

Why Wait any Longer?  Stop Dreaming and Create your Reality

You have tons of  ideas but what you need is a structured environment to learn alongside like minded souls who are ready to dive deep and stop waiting for their destiny and start creating their destiny.

Your Coach, denise headshot - croppedDenise J. Hart – Momentum Expert

I’ve been an unapologetically successful entrepreneur for 19 years. I started out very  small and have grown my business to six figures.  I can happily report that in 19 years I have never missed cashing the paycheck to myself!  I’ve been running businesses and coaching via online and offline, so I’ve done it all including learning the old school offline ropes of marketing and the new school internet marketing techniques, especially navigating the world of social media.  I can help you avoid the kinds of mistakes that can waste time, money and even damage your credibility.

My passion is centered on helping aspiring women entrepreneurs new coaches and speakers to take their BIG Dreams for their life and business and turn them into a Reality. I can help you step boldly into your bodacious life and business.  Earn more money and make the contribution that only you can make.  Serve well and live well!  Join me to go from mediocre to massive momentum!

Sky Rocket Your Business

If you want to get started, the best gift you can give yourself, is to put a system into place that will help you to market yourself and build your trust and credibility as you grow.

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Build Your Super Star Business and Solid Foundation with  5 Info & Action Packed Modules: 

During this accelerated home study course you’re going to implement 5 training modules that will help you build a foundation for your marketing efforts which will help you to build trust, credibility and make the money you deserve.  There will be homework and weekly action steps.  One of my clients said during the time we worked together, she completed more in 3 weeks than she had in the previous 2 years!

Polish as an entrepreneur section

strengthen your mindset

brand based on authentic power

Set up your online marketing back end

Carve out your internet marketplace




BONUS #1 – Goal Setting Templates and Resource Directory

BONUS #2you’ll receive an online business assessment link and once a month I’m selecting someone to receive a complimentary 30 minute Business Consulting coaching call with me (valued at $150)!

  • I will help you to drill down your BIG idea for your business.
  • I’ll help you clarify your plan
  • I’ll share my tips and secrets that have helped me grow my social media community to thousands.


Having A Love of the Game Isn’t Enough.  It’s not enough that you love to help people.

If your gift is serving people and you desire to earn a living serving others, everyone will benefit if you start treating your gift like a business right from the start.

You already know that you’ve sat on your idea long enough. This desire of yours has waited far too long.  You want to get started as an entrepreneur, but you didn’t really know how to go about jumping into the game.

Now You Can Acquire the Training and Knowledge To Move From Idea to implementation.

It’s time for you to Go From Dream to Reality and I’m ready to help you do exactly that.

WHUR Go From Dream to Reality Sale

Click the button to get started RIGHT NOW!

Count me in

Valued at $397 – Your Investment $197


Use Code:  WHUR13

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I will refund your payment up to 30 days after date of purchase, if after doing all of the exercises, and taking consistent action on the plan to start or transform your business, you still feel that the course was a waste of you time. However, I doubt this will be the case, as I know that your business knowledge will reach new heights and will radically transform the way you Go From Dream to Reality!

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